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The Seven Rays of Healing School™

Located in Sedona, AZ  USA

A Division of The Seven Ray Order & Mystery School

Mark Amaru Pinkham, Founder/ Director / Lead Teacher
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Teacher/ Meditation Facilitator

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           The Seven Rays of Healing School™
          is one of the world’s most ancient healing systems.

           It incorporates many therapeutic modalities, including: 

acupressure, astrology, alchemy, color therapy, crystal & gem therapy, diet & nutrition,
herbology, mantra chanting, massage, Reiki, sound therapy, 
spiritual counseling, and various forms of Yoga. 

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2017 Dates to Be Announced

In the meantime we invite you to STUDY the 7 RAYS of Healing System at HOME
Use this link to access the information:
The Seven Rays of Healing Correspondence Course

The seminar will be held in the beautiful and energetically-powerful
Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ USA

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Theory of the Seven Rays of Healing System

The Theory of Seven Ray Healing maintains that all life is governed by the Seven Rays. Every life form,
be it animal, plant, mineral, or human, is aligned with one or two of the Seven Rays.
A person’s Ray or Rays can easily be determined through their astrology chart, as can information
regarding the mantras, gems, yogas, colors, etc.,
that will keep them in alignment with their Ray.
Since each individual body organ is also aligned with one of two of the Rays, disease symptoms
can be alleviated
by realigning that organ with its appropriate Ray.

The Seven Rays of Healing System is revived during every renaissance cycle, such as the one we are now moving into.
At such times we re-learn that all life is vibration,
and that the secret of both healing and spirituality revolves around the manipulation and realignment of vibratory frequency. 
We also re-acknowledge that all vibration can be grouped into seven categories or Rays,
and that each Ray governs a broad segment of Creation.


The Seven Rays of Healing
was first taught on the legendary Pacific continent of Lemuria by the Kumaras,
enlightened masters who served as some of the first teachers
of early humanity. In India, the Kumaras are remembered as the first teachers of the Siddha Marga,
the path leading to spiritual enlightenment, and in the scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition they are referred to as the Sons of God.
In the Jewish Book of Enoch it is written that the ancient Sons of God taught gemology, herbology,
astrology, divination, mantras and alchemy to the “Daughters of Men.” 
These modalities were subsequently passed on to future generations, and today they constitute
the foundation of the Seven Rays of Healing System.

After the destruction of Lemuria, Seven Rays Healing was taken to various parts of the world.
In India the system blossomed into Siddha Medicine, and in Peru it evolved into Incan and Andean Shamanic Healing.
It was also adopted by various mystery school traditions, where it became known as the art of Alchemical or Hermetic Healing. 
The Seven Rays of Healing System currently incorporates certain important aspects of Siddha Medicine, Andean Shamanism
and the Alchemical approaches to healing that were taught within these ancient mystery schools. 

Although the philosophy of the Seven Rays has been taught for thousands of years, it was only during the last century
that this wisdom became public domain.
Through the work of Alice Bailey, an intuitive who was given detailed information regarding
the Seven Rays by Djwhal Khul, an enlightened Tibetan Master and caretaker
of the ancient wisdom of the Kumaras, this previously hidden knowledge has become standard instruction within many esoteric curriculums.

During the Weekend You Will Learn:

*A Five Thousand Year-Old Healing System

*How to Determine a Person's Ray & Life Path

*How to Diagnose and Treat Most Common Illnesses

*How to Work with and Channel the Seven Rays for Healing


Mark Amaru Pinkham

"The Seven Rays of Healing System is the only purely Gnostic Healing System being taught today.
It was first disseminated on the legendary Pacific Continent of Lemuria and has now been resurrected."

Mark Amaru Pinkham has been involved in the study and practice of natural healing for over 25 years.

He studied elements of Ayurveda Hindu Medicine) for seven years in his 20's.
During this time he also attended massage school and became a
Licensed Massage Therapist.
In his 30's he worked as a massage therapist while attending acupuncture school in Santa Fe, NM.
Afterwards, Mark studied at Hei Long Jiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China,
He then went on to work as a Licensed Acupuncturist in both AZ and WA.

In the 1990's, after apprenticing with a Peruvian Shaman in the Inca Spiritual Tradition for over three years,
Mark realized that his diverse training had prepared him for an important part of his life's work,
that of reuniting Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Peruvian Shamanism.
He founded the 7 Rays of Healing System, one that he believes was once taught on Lemuria,
before being taken to China, Peru and India, where it merged with the indigenous healing traditions.

This ancient healing system is a comprehensive Gnostic healing system,
a part of the Lemurian-Goddess-Gnostic revival,
which is the mission of The International Order of Gnostic Templars.

redball.gif (144 bytes) INVESTMENT for the 7 Rays of Healing System Seminar To Be Announced

Non-refundable payment in full is due upon registration.

Participation is limited to the first 20 people who register.
The seminar is open to the general public, as well as professionals in the healing arts.

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1) Via PayPal - http://www.PayPal.com
Please pay into the account of "GnosticTemplars@aol.com"
NOTE: You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this payment method.
You can make a one-time payment without an account.

Please note the price for using option, as listed above. Thanks!

2) Via check or money order.
Please make payable to "Heartlight Fellowship".
(Heartlight Fellowship administers The International Order of Gnostic Templars; the bank account is in this name.)
Mail to: Heartlight Fellowship; P. O. Box 3591; Sedona, AZ  86340

IMPORTANT: For checks sent from outside the USA,
the bank that your account is drawn on must have an affiliate in the US,
and the name of that US affiliate must appear on the check. Thanks!

Once we receive your payment, we will email you a registration packet, which will include the following:
1) Confirmation of your payment
2) Directions to the seminar location
3) A list of moderately-priced hotels near the seminar location
4) Information about how to book an airport shuttle
or rent a car if you will be flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


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twinkle2.gif (912 bytes) SPECIAL OFFERING! twinkle2.gif (912 bytes)
After Your 7 Rays of Healing Seminar Stay on in Sedona for a
Half-day Sedona Vortex Tour with Mark Amaru Pinkham


Email Mark at  markapinkham@gmail.com
or call 888 501-3853 (Toll Free in the US) or 928 284-1429

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twinkle2.gif (912 bytes)STUDY the 7 RAYS of Healing System at HOME
If you're unable to attend this workshop and would like to study the 7 Rays of Healing System
at home, you can do so by registering to receive our correspondence course.
The Seven Rays of Healing Correspondence Course

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Questions? Email Mark at  markapinkham@gmail.com
or call 888 501-3853 (Toll Free in the US) or 928 284-1429

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